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PrestaShop: Pros and Cons

PrestaShop: Pros and Cons

Like any CMS, PrestaShop has its advantages and disadvantages. Let us dwell on each of them.

And let's start with the possibility of quick launch. You just need to download and install free software, perform basic settings and fill the online store with goods, after which you can safely make online sales.

Next is to say about the quality control system of the online store, which allows you to see unfilled prices, descriptions, names and images of goods, as well as product items that are outside the catalog. It's simple, convenient and does not require much time, which simplifies the work of content managers and bribes business owners.

Another advantage of CMS can be considered multilingual and multicurrency. The first allows you to translate the store into different languages, the second - converts the currency at the current rate.

A developed set of marketing activities is a special gift for business owners and marketers. With it, you can add promotional codes with a discount on an order, a discount on the purchase of a certain brand or a specified amount of goods, as well as discounts on certain groups of goods or product categories.

And the next step is the staff motivation system - an advantage that cannot be challenged. With the help of it, it is possible to look at the level of competence of each employee, as well as see the achievements and awards received that will inspire you and your staff for new accomplishments.

Customer service is an important moment for any business owner, so the CMS developers have made every effort to make it truly multifunctional and convenient for both parties at once. Quickly sending messages, full customer management, as well as the ability to create a sample letter about return of goods and the status of the shipment - this and much more is available in PrestaShop.

Now let's move on to the minuses, or to be more precise, to the only minus for the moment PrestaShop. They are the paid nature of the modules being developed and what not every online store owner can afford, but if to judge logically, every business requires investments, so be prepared.

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