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Technical support for modules on cms PrestaShop

Technical support for modules developed on cms PrestaShop is an important aspect that allows users and business owners to use the potential of the platform to the maximum. Without this support, business founders may experience problems that result in business delays or loss of revenue, and customers may not be able to find a product or place an order.

Technical support of modules on cms PrestaShop may include various types of work, such as:

- Setting up the module.

Includes setting up module parameters and integrating it into the store.

- Module update.

It is important to update modules regularly to fix bugs and improve functionality. Technical support can help with this process and make sure that all changes go smoothly.

- Troubleshooting modules.

If the user encounters a problem while using the module, then technical support can help in identifying and solving this problem.

Important: the technical support of the module does not provide for the development of additional functionality, it only includes working with the existing set of functions.

Basically, Ewonta provides technical support for modules of its own design, if you need technical support for third-party modules, then before paying for the service, please contact an Ewonta specialist in any way convenient for you to clarify whether it is possible to carry out such work.

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