Ewonta is a professional developer who has been working with one of the world's most famous platforms - PrestaShop for over 7 years .

It provides its customers with ready-made online stores, as well as their functional additions in the form of modules on cms PrestaShop In addition, Ewonta provides development and design services.

Basically, the company's products and services are designed for small and medium-sized commerce businesses These are relatively inexpensive, but thoughtful and workable solutions that are constantly being improved and updated.

Briefly about cms PrestaShop

Why development on cms PrestaShop Because PrestaShop is a modern, rapidly developing young company that does not stand still. She keeps up with the times, offering customers cool products at reasonable prices.  

To date, it has created more than 300,000 online stores around the world, and it also has several well-known awards, including the CMS Critic Award 2016 for the best e-commerce software.

Ewonta has been an official seller of themes and extensions on PrestaShop for several years and has managed to work with a huge number of customers around the world.


KHrenov Dmitrii Aleksandrovich

INN 371800643622