Native Mobile App for IOS & Android for CMS PrestaShop

version 1.7 - 8.1.x
easy installation

Module "Native mobile application for IOS and Android" for stores on cms PrestaShop.

This is the most real professional mobile application designed specifically for stores on CMS PrestaShop. It integrates with your online store, almost in one click, which is very easy and convenient.

As a result, you get two additional sales channels: one on Google Play and the second on the App Store.


How the mobile application is uploaded to the sites.

The price of the module does not include the cost of accounts on IOS and Android sites. Store owners need to independently purchase and register accounts for themselves on these sites, after which we will start laying out applications (having previously provided the buyer with a working demo version).


The very layout of the application on the site is initially included in the cost of the module, so you do not need to pay extra for it. The buyer only needs to provide access to accounts and presentation information for the application (application description, splash screen and screenshots). Our specialists will do the rest for you.


The functionality of the native mobile application for IOS and Android.

Our mobile application has perhaps the best functionality on the market. You can change its color scheme, choose a black or white theme, swap blocks on the main page, and even choose the look of the catalog (horizontal and vertical format).

In addition, it supports multi-currency, multi-store and multi-language functions, and is also compatible with almost all payment and delivery modules.


The application supports the native PrestaShop review module and our developed modules "Quick Order", "Cashback System" and "Featured Products" (if installed in your store). Also, the application has the functionality of placing an order for unregistered users and a separate page for incoming notifications.

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