Wishlist / Favorite Products - Module for CMS PrestaShop

version 1.7 - 8.1.x
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Module Wishlist or Featured products for online stores on cms PrestaShop.

Our module will allow your customers to create wishlists to which they can add the products they like. This feature will make it easier for your customers to find their favorite products in the store and speed up the process of their ordering. Thus, you will increase the level of user loyalty to your brand and increase the conversion to purchase.

At the same time, both registered users and guests can add products to the wishlist, which increases the chances of an increase in conversion.

Functionality of the Wishlist or Selected Products module.

Among the functional features of our product: adding a favorites icon to a short and complete product card, the appearance of the "Wishlist" block in the top panel of the site menu, forming a buyer's wishlist (both on a separate page and in the site bar), the ability to see products from your wishlist in the cart and on the product catalog page (under the filters).

In addition, the updates will also affect the personal account of buyers. There will be a new item "Wishlist" where you can see your favorite products.

Changes will also appear in the seller's admin panel in the form of a new "Wishlist" menu item. In it, the seller can see complete statistics on the wishlists of their customers.

Advantages of the module Wishlist / Featured products for cms PrestaShop.

This module will help attract new customers, increase the percentage of purchases and expand the functionality of your online market. The Wishlist / Featured Products module is simple and convenient, it is quick and easy to install and frequently updated, and it also has complete documentation.

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