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version 1.7 - 8.1.x
easy installation

Our module will allow you to add a question-answer functionality to the products in your online store. With it, you will be able to unload technical support specialists and reduce the number of similar requests from users.

It has powerful functionality, convenient for both buyers and sellers.

It includes:

 - Reflection of questions and answers to choose from: in a modal window or on a separate page);

 - Likes and dislikes to questions and answers;

 - The ability to add a rule for leaving a question;

 - Choice of parameters for leaving a question: only authorized users or all (including guests);

 - Moderation of questions automatically or by the administrator to choose from;

 - Setting up notifications about a new question by e-mail;

 - The appearance of a new menu item "Question-Answer" in the administrative panel.

So, for example, the seller can set up the reflection of questions and answers, both in a modal window and on a separate page with the possibility of ordering goods from there, which is very convenient for both sides. It's the same with the other parameters.

The module settings are very simple and intuitive, they do not require knowledge of the program code and special skills, which greatly simplifies the work.

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