One Click Order - Module for CMS PrestaShop

version 1.7 - 8.1.x
easy installation
online documentation

One click order module for online-shops on cms PrestaShop.

Thanks to our module, your users will be able to quickly place an order in the shop, practically in one use. It is much more convenient and faster than placing an order using a standard method. Buyers will definitely appreciate this approach and taking care of them and their time.

Both registered users and guests can make a purchase in one click.


Functionality of the one click order module.

The one click order module assumes the following functionality: the appearance of the “One click order” button in the product card and in the basket, the ability to generate a modal window for placing an order, a separate page for placing a quick order, the ability to convert a quick order into a standard one.


In addition, a new item "Quick orders" will appear in the buyer's personal account. In it, you can see detailed statistics for each of the purchases, including tracking any of the orders (check its status). The store owner in the admin panel will also be able to view in detail each of the orders using the new "One-Click Order" menu item.

Advantages of the one click order module for cms PrestaShop.

This module will help your buyers to quickly and easily place an order, help attract new buyers and increase the percentage of orders in the online-shop. In addition, it will expand the functionality of your shop. The One Click Order module is simple and convenient, it is quick and easy to install, frequently updated and has complete documentation.

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