Ready-made Marketplace for online stores on cms PrestaShop.

version 1.7 - 8.1.x
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Module "EW Marketplace" for online stores on cms PrestaShop.

Our module "EW Marketplace" allows you to convert an ordinary online store on PrestaShop in a real marketplace, which combines multiple sellers on one site. Seller on it can become any client who has filed an application and was tested by the administrator.

EW Marketplace" module has many useful features for both administrators, and for sellers and buyers. So, for example, to the administrator the module will open the following possibilities: Three new items will appear in the admin palette of the site administrator: "Marketplace", "Sellers" and "Seller's Blog"; The Marketplace administrator will receive notifications of all ongoing Marketplace events in the admin panel; Administrator will receive email notifications of all ongoing events in the Marketplace; Administrator can accept and reject applications from customers wishing to become sellers; Administrator can manage sellers' merchandise (also approve or reject them); Administrator can set a single percentage of commission from the sale of goods for all sellers or make it different for each of them; Administrator also moderates feedback and updates seller rating; Administrator has full access to view orders; Administrator has rights to view messages between buyers and sellers; The administrator has full information about the marketplace's cash flow; Administrator can give the seller several ways to withdraw funds at once; Administrator manages withdrawal requests from sellers; The administrator can notify sellers about changes in the marketplace with the "Blog for sellers. Sellers will also have good opportunities: Sellers will get their own admin panel; Sellers will be able to upload items with features and combinations; Sellers will be able to take advantage of easy product uploads and stock updates via CSV or Excel files; Sellers will have access to full statistics for their account in the admin panel; Sellers will receive notifications of orders and other events in the Marketplace via email; Sellers will be able to edit their profile using a special item in the admin panel; Sellers will be able to correspond with buyers on the site platform in the admin panel; Sellers will be able to track all their orders in the admin panel; Sellers will be able to see all their transactions in the admin panel; Sellers will be able to choose the method of withdrawal of funds; Sellers will be able to add and remove personnel in the admin panel, as well as monitor their actions and restrict access; Sellers will have a store card with products, contacts and subscribers, which is visible to all users of the marketplace; Sellers will also have a vendor card with contacts, reviews and subscribers, which is visible to all users of the marketplace; Information about the store will be displayed in the product card; In the personal office of the seller will have an additional tab: "Seller Account"; Sellers will also have their own news, which will be covered in the "blog for sellers" and on the main page. Among the features for customers: Each customer can register as a vendor; Additional items will appear in the customer's personal account: "Become a Seller," "Messages," and "Subscriptions." Buyers have the ability to view store information in the product card; Shoppers have the ability to view the seller's profile; Shoppers can also view the store page; Buyers can see the seller's rating and reviews; Buyers can rate the seller and leave feedback, which will be displayed on the seller's page; Shoppers can contact the seller; Shoppers can subscribe to the seller or store and follow the seller's new products; Shoppers can see the entire assortment of the store they like on their page; Shoppers can get order notifications; Buyers can see all of the stores in the Marketplace on a separate page. Benefits of the module "EW Marketplace" for cms PrestaShop This module will help to attract new customers, increase the percentage of conversion into a purchase and, of course, expand the functionality of your store. "EW Marketplace" is simple and easy to use, it's easy to install and regularly updated, and it comes with complete documentation. Translated with (free version)

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