Notifications in Telegram – Module for CMS PrestaShop

version 1.7 - 8.1.x
easy installation

Using the "Notifications in Telegram" module, you can receive notifications in Telegram about new orders, as well as about running out of goods in the online store. Module settings allow you to add the necessary parameters to the text of the message at your discretion.

The functionality of the "Notifications in Telegram" module includes:

• Instructions for creating your own chat bot for store notifications in Telegram;

• Setting up receiving messages about orders in Telegram;

• Possibility to create a message template about orders for yourself;

• Setting up receiving messages about running out of goods in Telegram;

• Ability to set the minimum threshold for the balance of goods, at which it will be considered ending;

The ability to enable / disable notifications about orders and product balances in Telegram.

As a result, after installing our module, online store owners will be able to quickly receive complete information about new orders and running out of goods, thereby improving the quality of service.

The "Notifications in Telegram" module is simple and easy to install and use. After making the initial settings, it works autonomously and does not require additional actions.

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