Product video – Module for CMS PrestaShop

version 1.7 - 8.1.x
easy installation

The "Product Video" module for online stores on cms PrestaShop

The "Product Video" module will allow you to add videos about it to your product cards. At the same time, you can add several video options to one product at once, separately for each combination. This functionality will not only simplify the choice of a product for customers, but will also increase the percentage of conversion to an order, which means it will increase profits.

At the same time, you will be able to fully control the appearance of the product card: add a preview to the video or obscure the background of the preview if the video format does not match the format of the product card.

And the functionality of the module also includes the ability to display video when hovering over the product card in the catalog and setting up video autoplay.

The "Video to product" module is ideal for online stores on cms PrestaShop. It has a small number of settings that are absolutely simple and transparent.

*When purchasing a product, you can also choose additional services.
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