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Integration of PrestaShop and MySklad: simplify the management of your online store

Integration of PrestaShop and MySklad: simplify the management of your online store

For effective management of online stores, it is important for business owners to be able to quickly and easily synchronize data between different systems. One of the solutions that can greatly simplify this process is the module “Integration with MySklad” for PrestaShop, designed specifically for managing products, categories and customers. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the capabilities of this module and how it can help your business.

Module “Integration with MoySklad” is designed to integrate online stores based on PrestaShop with the MoySklad service, which allows you to synchronize products, categories, customers and orders between the two systems. This makes it easier to manage sales, account for balances and control orders.

The main functions of the module:

  1. Loading products and categories from the online store to My store and back.
  2. Uploading clients to My store contacts after their registration in the online store.
  3. Loading orders from the online store into my warehouse.
  4. Updating the remnants of goods from my warehouse.
  5. Working with WebHooks to synchronize data in real time.

The process of installing and using the module “Integration with MySklad” is quite simple and does not require special software knowledge. You can install it yourself or contact us for help.


Thanks to the module “Integration with MySklad”, owners of PrestaShop online stores can significantly simplify and speed up the processes of managing their business. This is especially true for those who run their business in multiple systems and want to manage their data efficiently.

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