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Setting up instant authorization via Yandex for PrestaShop

Setting up instant authorization via Yandex for PrestaShop

Module "Authorization via Yandex ID" for online stores on PrestaShop: simplifying the registration process and increasing customer loyalty

Today we present to your attention a module that will allow your store's customers to quickly and conveniently log in or register using their Yandex account. This module is designed for stores running on the PrestaShop platform.

Advantages of using the authorization module via Yandex ID

  1. Reducing the time to fill in personal data is one of the main advantages of using this module. Customers will not have to waste time entering their personal data, they will be able to simply use their Yandex account to log in or register.
  2. Increase brand loyalty - using this module allows customers to feel the convenience and care from your brand. As a result, this can lead to increased loyalty and conversion to applications.
  3. The functionality of the module includes the addition of the “Log in with Yandex ID” button on the login page, a pop-up window with an offer to log in with Yandex ID and the choice of one of the Yandex accounts for authorization.
  4. The installation and use of the module is simple and straightforward. In addition, it will look harmoniously in the design of your store.


Module “Authorization via Yandex ID ” for online stores on the PrestaShop platform is a convenient and effective solution to improve the user experience of your customers, which leads to an increase in their loyalty and, as a result, sales growth. Try it out in your store today and see its benefits!

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