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The "Override CMS PrestaShop" blog category is dedicated to providing insights and tutorials on how to override the default behavior of the PrestaShop content management system (CMS) to customize and extend its functionality. The category covers topics such as overriding controllers, models, views, and modules to modify the behavior of specific functionalities or create new ones. It also includes tips and tricks for debugging and troubleshooting issues that may arise when overriding PrestaShop CMS. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, this category will help you enhance your PrestaShop-based e-commerce website by giving you the necessary tools and techniques to take full control of your website's features and functionalities.

How to disable shipping selection step at checkout on Csm PrestaShop

Checkout is one of the most important moments in the work of an online store. Changing the checkout process can cause errors in operation and the client won't be able to place an order. However, sometimes it's necessary to turn off the step of selecting delivery and go straight to the method of payment. This step is disabled only for virtual products; however, you can disable it by overriding the checkout controller behavior. In this article you will learn how to do that.

User authorization via phone

To authorize by phone number you need to add the appropriate field. How this can be done is described in the previous article. By default, Presta Shop users are authorized by E-mail. Often it is not convenient, and then there is a need for identification by phone number. To do this type of work we need the function "Overrides", which can change the standard behavior of Presta Shop.

How to make prices without a point

Everyone knows that in PrestaShop prices are displayed by default-two decimal places. And what if you want a numeric value without points? This problem can be solved in several ways, one of which we will consider in this article.

Global variable in smarty to define the phone

In some cases, it is important to know that the person comes from the phone. This will allow the user to download certain content without unnecessary information, which will increase the speed of page loading and increase the level of user involvement.