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Watermark Module for PrestaShop: Protect Your Product Images

Protecting copyright and ensuring the uniqueness of content in online stores are crucial aspects of running an online business. In a competitive environment where content, especially product images, is frequently copied, PrestaShop store owners need to take measures to protect their visual materials.

Méthodes efficaces pour Lutter contre Les fausses Inscriptions sur le CMS PrestaShop

A reliable method is to use CAPTCHA, but it is not always user-friendly and can complicate the registration process. Based on my research on the behavior of bots, I have developed several improvements that will help you reduce or completely stop the registration of accounts by bots.

Setting up notifications about orders in PrestaShop by email

In this article, we will look at how to set up notifications about new orders by email in PrestaShop. We decided to publish this article because we often receive questions on this topic.

Setting up instant authorization via Yandex for PrestaShop

Today we present to your attention a module that will allow your store's customers to quickly and conveniently log in or register using their Yandex account. This module is designed for stores running on the PrestaShop platform.

Integration of PrestaShop and MySklad: simplify the management of your online store

For effective management of online stores, it is important for business owners to be able to quickly and easily synchronize data between different systems. One of the solutions that can significantly simplify this process is the module “Integration with MySklad” for PrestaShop, designed specifically for managing products, categories and customers. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the capabilities of this module and how it can help your business.