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How do I add products to the PrestaShop admin panel?

How do I add products to the PrestaShop admin panel?

In order to add a product to your store, you need to go to your own admin panel, go to the "Catalog" tab and select "Products".


Next, click on the "New product" button in the upper navigation panel.


You will see the main fields for filling in product information: product name, product images (recommended size: 2000x2000px, JPEG format), internal product code, number of products available for order, price, summary and product description (all of them are shown below in the image).


After filling in these fields, you need to add the product to the categories in which it should be displayed.


And assign the product to a certain subcategory (if any) to which it directly belongs.


You can also add a brand, related products (products that can only be sold together, for example, a pantsuit (a jacket and trousers are sold only together)) and properties (static parameters of the product, on which the price change does not depend, for example, the weight or width of the product, etc.).


You can also add combinations for the product (these are several attributes, depending on which the configuration (Pictures) and the price of the product may change). For example, the same model of sneakers can be in several colors of different sizes and have a different price. To add them, you need to click the "Product with combinations" button and go to the "Combinations" tab.


Choose the color, size and other attributes on which the price of the product will depend and generate combinations.


Add the price and quantity for each individual product with its own attributes.


Next, add data about delivery, price, SEO parameters, upload additional files (recipes, etc.) in the options tab. Turn on the product so that it is displayed in the showcase of your online store and save it.

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