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Creating an online store with CMS PrestaShop

Creating an online store with CMS PrestaShop

Creating your own online store is a great way to develop your business and increase sales. Today we will talk about how to create an online store on cms PrestaShop using a hosting provider .

Step 1: Registration on the Sprinthost hosting

The first step is to register on the hosting Sprinthost. To do this, go to the provider's official website and choose the tariff plan that suits you. We recommend starting with the Plus-10 tariff, which will be quite sufficient for a small and medium online store.

Step 2: Installing cms PrestaShop

After registering on the hosting, you should proceed to installing cms PrestaShop. It's very simple to do this – in the hosting control panel, select the "CMS Installation" section and find PrestaShop there. After that, you need to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Step 3: Setting up an online store

After installing PrestaShop on your hosting, you will be able to go to the administrative panel and start setting up the online store. First of all, you need to configure information about the store, such as: name, address, information page, contact phone number, etc. You can do this in the "Settings" section.

After that, go to the "Catalog" section to add the first products to the online store. You can upload photos, descriptions and prices of goods, as well as configure various parameters, such as: discounts, taxes, options, etc.

Step 4: Installing the theme

In addition, you can set a design theme for PrestaShop to make the appearance of your online store more individual and attractive to potential buyers. You can find topics on on our website, and you can also leave the classic one.

Step 5: Adding payment and Delivery options

Finally, you need to add payment and delivery options to your online store. This is important so that buyers can choose the most convenient and preferred method of payment and delivery for them. You can configure these options in the "Settings" section and add additional information, such as prices, terms and methods of payment and delivery.


Creating an online store on cms PrestaShop is a process that requires a little technical knowledge and skills. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will happy to help.

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