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PWA application for an online store on cms PrestaShop

PWA application for an online store on cms PrestaShop

What is a PWA app and why do you need it?

PWA or Progressive Web Application is a technology that allows you to transform the mobile version of your site into a hotel resource that will be identical in appearance and functionality to a mobile application. Thus, you will receive your own mobile application, which does not need to be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. In other words, PWA is a mobile application only in a browser.

Features of PWA technology.

Today we will tell you why sites developed using PWA technology are so popular and what are their features.

The first feature is fast primary access as opposed to a mobile application. They do not need to be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. You just need to go to the browser on the desired page. All in all, business.

The second feature is that each user can install a shortcut to the site on the desktop of his device, which will be similar to the shortcut for a mobile application, but at the same time it will not take up a lot of memory, unlike the second one.

The third feature of PWA is operability. The user will be able to view your resource even if the Internet is not available.

Another feature is the sending of push notifications that allow you to remind the user about your company (sales, promotions, new arrivals and, of course, orders made).

The undoubted advantage of PWA is full adaptation for all devices. Whether it's a smartphone, tablet, desktop or TV, your site will look great in both places.

Another huge plus is resistance to high loads. Imagine some great sale starts, for example, Black Friday and everyone, as one, comes into your store to place an order. In the case of a regular site, there is a high probability that it will simply collapse or will take a long time to process requests, constantly freezing and annoying your customers. This is not the case with PWA, you can be sure that all data will be saved, and your site will continue to load quickly without scaring off customers.

In other words, PWA technology increases the level of customer loyalty to your resource: it loads quickly, is available even when there is no Internet connection, can be installed on the desktop and sends notifications to the user. It also has a nice interface that is very easy to interact with.

Examples of sites that have already implemented PWA technology

Today we know many examples of PWA technology implementation. This is Walmart - one of the world's largest wholesale and retail chains, and AliExpress - a global virtual marketplace popular all over the world, and Starbucks - a coffee chain and at the same time a company specializing in the sale of coffee. All of them implemented PWA technology on their website and remained in the black. Walmart managed to increase website traffic by 28%, AliExpress increased the average user session time by 74% and more than doubled its conversion to purchase. The same story happened with orders at Starbucks.

PWA technology for online stores on cms PrestaShop

Have you already implemented PWA technology on your website? If not, then we have a great offer for you. You can purchase a ready-made online store on cms PrestaShop with PWA from us, and we can also develop a separate module for your store. If you need a PWA module, then you can contact us to develop it. If you have any questions related to cms PrestaShop.

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